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Data Fields
domain Struct Reference

Domain data structure. More...

#include <sip.h>

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Data Fields

char context [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char domain [MAXHOSTNAMELEN]
struct {
   struct domain *   next
enum domain_mode mode

Detailed Description

Domain data structure.

In the future, we will connect this to a configuration tree specific for this domain

Definition at line 887 of file sip.h.

Field Documentation

◆ context

char context[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Incoming context for this domain

Definition at line 889 of file sip.h.

◆ domain

SIP domain we are responsible for

Definition at line 888 of file sip.h.

Referenced by find_account(), and Registration::write().


struct { ... } list

List mechanics

◆ mode

enum domain_mode mode

How did we find this domain?

Definition at line 889 of file sip.h.

◆ next

struct domain* next

Definition at line 891 of file sip.h.

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