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Data Fields
sla_station_ref Struct Reference

A reference to a station. More...

Data Fields

struct {
   struct sla_station_ref *   next
unsigned int mark:1
struct sla_stationstation

Detailed Description

A reference to a station.

This struct looks near useless at first glance. However, its existence in the list of stations in sla_trunk means that this station references that trunk. We use the mark to keep track of whether it needs to be removed from the sla_trunk's list of stations during a reload.

Definition at line 976 of file app_meetme.c.

Field Documentation


struct { ... } entry

◆ mark

unsigned int mark

Mark used during reload processing

Definition at line 980 of file app_meetme.c.

Referenced by sla_add_trunk_to_station(), sla_trunk_is_marked(), and sla_trunk_mark().

◆ next

struct sla_station_ref* next

Definition at line 977 of file app_meetme.c.

◆ station

struct sla_station* station

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