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sched_id Struct Reference

Scheduler ID holder. More...

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Data Fields

int id
struct {
   struct sched_id *   next

Detailed Description

Scheduler ID holder.

These form a queue on a scheduler context. When a new scheduled item is created, a sched_id is popped off the queue and its id is assigned to the new scheduled item. When the scheduled task is complete, the sched_id on that task is then pushed to the back of the queue to be re-used on some future scheduled item.

Definition at line 70 of file sched.c.

Field Documentation

◆ id

int id

Immutable ID number that is copied onto the scheduled task

Definition at line 72 of file sched.c.

Referenced by Section::__cmp__(), Section::__eq__(), Section::__ge__(), Section::__gt__(), Section::__le__(), Section::__lt__(), add_ids(), ast_sched_del_nonrunning(), Model::load(), and sched_find().


struct { ... } list

◆ next

struct sched_id* next

Definition at line 73 of file sched.c.

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