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Data Fields
ast_dns_record Struct Reference

For AST_LIST. More...

#include <dns_internal.h>

Data Fields

char data [0]
 The raw DNS record. More...
size_t data_len
 The size of the raw DNS record. More...
char * data_ptr
 pointer to record-specific data. More...
struct {
   struct ast_dns_record *   next
 Linked list information. More...
int rr_class
 Resource record class. More...
int rr_type
 Resource record type. More...
int ttl
 Time-to-live of the record. More...

Detailed Description



For ast_dns_query_set_callback

Generic DNS record information

Definition at line 39 of file dns_internal.h.

Field Documentation

◆ data

char data[0]

The raw DNS record.

Definition at line 60 of file dns_internal.h.

Referenced by ast_dns_resolve_ipv6_and_ipv4(), and generic_record_alloc().

◆ data_len

size_t data_len

The size of the raw DNS record.

Definition at line 47 of file dns_internal.h.

Referenced by ast_dns_record_get_data_size(), and ast_dns_resolver_add_record().

◆ data_ptr

char* data_ptr

pointer to record-specific data.

For certain "subclasses" of DNS records, the location of the raw DNS data will differ from the generic case. This pointer will reliably be set to point to the raw DNS data, no matter where in the structure it may lie.

Definition at line 58 of file dns_internal.h.

Referenced by ast_dns_record_get_data(), ast_dns_resolver_add_record(), dns_naptr_alloc(), dns_srv_alloc(), dns_txt_alloc(), and generic_record_alloc().

◆ list

struct { ... } list

Linked list information.

Referenced by ast_dns_record_get_next(), ast_dns_resolver_add_record(), and ast_dns_result_free().

◆ next

struct ast_dns_record* next

Definition at line 49 of file dns_internal.h.

◆ rr_class

int rr_class

Resource record class.

Definition at line 43 of file dns_internal.h.

Referenced by ast_dns_record_get_rr_class(), ast_dns_resolver_add_record(), and unbound_config_preapply_callback().

◆ rr_type

int rr_type

◆ ttl

int ttl

Time-to-live of the record.

Definition at line 45 of file dns_internal.h.

Referenced by ast_dns_record_get_ttl(), ast_dns_resolver_add_record(), and ast_dns_result_get_lowest_ttl().

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