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backtrace.h File Reference

Asterisk backtrace generation. More...

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Data Structures

struct  ast_bt
 A structure to hold backtrace information. This structure provides an easy means to store backtrace information or pass backtraces to other functions. More...


#define ast_bt_create()   NULL
#define ast_bt_destroy(bt)   NULL
#define ast_bt_free_symbols(string_vector)   NULL
#define ast_bt_get_addresses(bt)   0
#define ast_bt_get_symbols(addresses, num_frames)   NULL
#define AST_MAX_BT_FRAMES   32

Detailed Description

Asterisk backtrace generation.

This file provides backtrace generation utilities

Definition in file backtrace.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ ast_bt_create

#define ast_bt_create ( )    NULL

Definition at line 39 of file backtrace.h.

◆ ast_bt_destroy

#define ast_bt_destroy (   bt)    NULL

Definition at line 40 of file backtrace.h.

◆ ast_bt_free_symbols

#define ast_bt_free_symbols (   string_vector)    NULL

Definition at line 42 of file backtrace.h.

◆ ast_bt_get_addresses

#define ast_bt_get_addresses (   bt)    0

Definition at line 38 of file backtrace.h.

◆ ast_bt_get_symbols

#define ast_bt_get_symbols (   addresses,
)    NULL

Definition at line 41 of file backtrace.h.


#define AST_MAX_BT_FRAMES   32

Definition at line 29 of file backtrace.h.