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Data Fields
logchannel Struct Reference
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Data Fields

char components [0]
int disabled
int dynamic
int facility
char filename [PATH_MAX]
FILE * fileptr
struct logformatter formatter
int lineno
struct {
   struct logchannel *   next
unsigned int logmask
enum logtypes type
int verbosity

Detailed Description

Definition at line 138 of file logger.c.

Field Documentation

◆ components

char components[0]

Components (levels) from last config load

Definition at line 162 of file logger.c.

Referenced by ast_logger_create_channel(), make_components(), and make_logchannel().

◆ disabled

int disabled

If this channel is disabled or not

Definition at line 144 of file logger.c.

Referenced by ast_logger_get_channels(), ast_logger_rotate_channel(), handle_logger_show_channels(), logger_print_normal(), and reload_logger().

◆ dynamic

int dynamic

Whether this log channel was created dynamically

Definition at line 160 of file logger.c.

Referenced by ast_logger_remove_channel(), handle_logger_remove_channel(), and make_logchannel().

◆ facility

int facility

syslog facility

Definition at line 146 of file logger.c.

Referenced by logger_print_normal(), and make_logchannel().

◆ filename

char filename[PATH_MAX]

◆ fileptr

FILE* fileptr

logfile logging file pointer

Definition at line 152 of file logger.c.

Referenced by ast_logger_remove_channel(), ast_logger_rotate_channel(), close_logger(), logger_print_normal(), make_logchannel(), and reload_logger().

◆ formatter

struct logformatter formatter

How the logs sent to this channel will be formatted

Definition at line 140 of file logger.c.

Referenced by handle_logger_show_channels(), logger_print_normal(), and make_components().

◆ lineno

int lineno

Line number from configuration file

Definition at line 158 of file logger.c.

Referenced by make_logchannel().


struct { ... } list

◆ logmask

unsigned int logmask

◆ next

struct logchannel* next

Definition at line 156 of file logger.c.

◆ type

enum logtypes type

◆ verbosity

int verbosity

Verbosity level. (-1 if use option_verbose for the level.)

Definition at line 148 of file logger.c.

Referenced by ast_verb_update(), logger_print_normal(), and make_components().

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