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Module: Asterisk Channel Drivers

Channel drivers are loaded dynamically. More...


file  chan_alsa.c
 ALSA sound card channel driver.
file  chan_audiosocket.c
 AudioSocket Channel.
file  chan_bridge_media.c
 Bridge Media Channels driver.
file  chan_console.c
 Cross-platform console channel driver.
file  chan_dahdi.c
 DAHDI for Pseudo TDM.
file  chan_iax2.c
 Implementation of Inter-Asterisk eXchange Version 2 as specified in RFC 5456.
file  chan_mgcp.c
 Implementation of Media Gateway Control Protocol.
file  chan_mobile.c
 Bluetooth Mobile Device channel driver.
file  chan_motif.c
 Motif Jingle Channel Driver.
file  chan_pjsip.c
 PSJIP SIP Channel Driver.
file  chan_rtp.c
 RTP (Multicast and Unicast) Media Channel.
file  chan_sip.c
 Implementation of Session Initiation Protocol.
file  chan_skinny.c
 Implementation of the Skinny protocol.
file  chan_unistim.c
 chan_unistim channel driver for Asterisk

Detailed Description

Channel drivers are loaded dynamically.

Asterisk Channel Drivers