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ast_taskprocessor_listener Struct Reference

A listener for taskprocessors. More...

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Data Fields

const struct ast_taskprocessor_listener_callbackscallbacks
struct ast_taskprocessortps
void * user_data

Detailed Description

A listener for taskprocessors.


When a taskprocessor's state changes, the listener is notified of the change. This allows for tasks to be addressed in whatever way is appropriate for the module using the taskprocessor.

Definition at line 110 of file taskprocessor.c.

Field Documentation

◆ callbacks

const struct ast_taskprocessor_listener_callbacks* callbacks

The callbacks the taskprocessor calls into to notify of state changes

Definition at line 112 of file taskprocessor.c.

Referenced by __start_taskprocessor(), ast_taskprocessor_execute(), and taskprocessor_push().

◆ tps

struct ast_taskprocessor* tps

The taskprocessor that the listener is listening to

Definition at line 114 of file taskprocessor.c.

◆ user_data

void* user_data

Data private to the listener

Definition at line 116 of file taskprocessor.c.

Referenced by ast_taskprocessor_listener_alloc().

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