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Data Fields
chanvar Struct Reference

structure for queuing ARI channel variable setting More...

Data Fields

char * name
char * value

Detailed Description

structure for queuing ARI channel variable setting

It may seem weird to define this custom structure given that we already have ast_var_t and ast_variable defined elsewhere. The problem with those is that they are not tolerant of NULL channel variable value pointers. In fact, in both cases, the best they could do is to have a zero-length variable value. However, when un-setting a channel variable, it is important to pass a NULL value, not a zero-length string.

Definition at line 685 of file control.c.

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* name

◆ value

char* value

Value of variable to set. If unsetting, this will be NULL

Definition at line 689 of file control.c.

Referenced by app_control_set_channel_var(), free_chanvar(), and stasis_app_control_set_channel_var().

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