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Data Fields
ast_sip_cli_formatter_entry Struct Reference

CLI Formatter Registry Entry. More...

#include <res_pjsip_cli.h>

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Data Fields

struct ao2_container *(* get_container )(const char *regex)
const char *(* get_id )(const void *obj)
int(* iterate )(void *container, ao2_callback_fn callback, void *args)
const char * name
void *(* retrieve_by_id )(const char *id)

Detailed Description

CLI Formatter Registry Entry.

Definition at line 52 of file res_pjsip_cli.h.

Field Documentation

◆ get_container

struct ao2_container*(* get_container) (const char *regex)

◆ get_id

const char*(* get_id) (const void *obj)

◆ iterate

int(* iterate) (void *container, ao2_callback_fn callback, void *args)

◆ name

const char* name

A globally unique name for this formatter. If this formatter entry is for an existing sorcery object type, then this name must match the sorcery object type. Otherwise it can be any string as long as it's globally unique.

Definition at line 58 of file res_pjsip_cli.h.

Referenced by ast_res_pjsip_initialize_configuration(), ast_sip_initialize_distributor(), ast_sip_initialize_sorcery_auth(), ast_sip_initialize_sorcery_location(), ast_sip_initialize_sorcery_transport(), ast_sip_register_cli_formatter(), formatter_compare(), formatter_hash(), formatter_sort(), PathSegment::get_child(), Parameter::load(), Property::load(), SwaggerType::load(), load_module(), and pjsip_channel_cli_register().

◆ print_body

ao2_callback_fn* print_body

◆ print_header

ao2_callback_fn* print_header

◆ retrieve_by_id

void*(* retrieve_by_id) (const char *id)

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