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Data Fields
stasis_app_bridge_channel_wrapper Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr
struct ast_string_field_pool__field_mgr_pool
const ast_string_field bridge_id
const ast_string_field channel_id

Detailed Description

Used with app_bridges_moh and app_bridge_control, they provide links between bridges and channels used for ARI application purposes

Definition at line 421 of file res_stasis.c.

Field Documentation

◆ __field_mgr

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr

Definition at line 425 of file res_stasis.c.

◆ __field_mgr_pool

struct ast_string_field_pool* __field_mgr_pool

Definition at line 425 of file res_stasis.c.

◆ bridge_id

const ast_string_field bridge_id

◆ channel_id

const ast_string_field channel_id

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