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Data Fields
ast_heap Struct Reference

Data Fields

size_t avail_len
ast_heap_cmp_fn cmp_fn
size_t cur_len
void ** heap
ssize_t index_offset
ast_rwlock_t lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 36 of file heap.c.

Field Documentation

◆ avail_len

size_t avail_len

Definition at line 41 of file heap.c.

Referenced by _ast_heap_create(), _ast_heap_push(), and grow_heap().

◆ cmp_fn

Definition at line 38 of file heap.c.

Referenced by _ast_heap_create(), ast_heap_verify(), bubble_up(), and max_heapify().

◆ cur_len

size_t cur_len

◆ heap

void** heap

Definition at line 42 of file heap.c.

Referenced by _ast_heap_create(), ast_heap_destroy(), grow_heap(), heap_get(), and heap_set().

◆ index_offset

ssize_t index_offset

Definition at line 39 of file heap.c.

Referenced by _ast_heap_create(), get_index(), and heap_set().

◆ lock

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