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Data Fields
vm_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

char context [80]
char curbox [80]
char curdir [PATH_MAX]
int curmsg
int * deleted
int dh_arraysize
char fn [PATH_MAX]
int * heard
char intro [PATH_MAX]
int lastmsg
int newmessages
int oldmessages
int repeats
int starting
int urgentmessages
char username [80]
char vmbox [PATH_MAX]

Detailed Description

Voicemail mailbox state

Definition at line 806 of file app_voicemail.c.

Field Documentation

◆ context

char context[80]

Definition at line 809 of file app_voicemail.c.

Referenced by vm_allocate_dh(), and vm_execmain().

◆ curbox

char curbox[80]

◆ curdir

char curdir[PATH_MAX]

◆ curmsg

int curmsg

◆ deleted

int* deleted

◆ dh_arraysize

int dh_arraysize

Definition at line 816 of file app_voicemail.c.

Referenced by close_mailbox(), and vm_allocate_dh().

◆ fn

char fn[PATH_MAX]

◆ heard

int* heard

◆ intro

char intro[PATH_MAX]

Definition at line 813 of file app_voicemail.c.

◆ lastmsg

int lastmsg

◆ newmessages

int newmessages

◆ oldmessages

int oldmessages

◆ repeats

int repeats

Definition at line 823 of file app_voicemail.c.

Referenced by vm_execmain(), vm_instructions_en(), and vm_instructions_ja().

◆ starting

int starting

◆ urgentmessages

int urgentmessages

◆ username

char username[80]

◆ vmbox

char vmbox[PATH_MAX]

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