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Data Fields
ast_calendar_tech Struct Reference

Individual calendaring technology data. More...

#include <calendar.h>

Data Fields

const char * description
int(* is_busy )(struct ast_calendar *calendar)
struct {
   struct ast_calendar_tech *   next
void *(* load_calendar )(void *data)
const char * module
const char * type
void *(* unref_calendar )(void *obj)
struct ast_module_useruser
int(* write_event )(struct ast_calendar_event *event)

Detailed Description

Individual calendaring technology data.

Definition at line 69 of file calendar.h.

Field Documentation

◆ description

const char* description

◆ is_busy

int(* is_busy) (struct ast_calendar *calendar)

Override default busy determination

Definition at line 74 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by calendarstate().

◆ list

struct { ... } list

◆ load_calendar

void*(* load_calendar) (void *data)

Create private structure, add calendar events, etc.

Definition at line 75 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by build_calendar().

◆ module

const char* module

Definition at line 72 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by unload_module().

◆ next

struct ast_calendar_tech* next

Definition at line 78 of file calendar.h.

◆ type

const char* type

◆ unref_calendar

void*(* unref_calendar) (void *obj)

Function to be called to free the private structure

Definition at line 76 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by calendar_destructor().

◆ user

Definition at line 73 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by ast_calendar_register(), ast_calendar_unregister(), and Registration::write().

◆ write_event

int(* write_event) (struct ast_calendar_event *event)

Function for writing an event to the calendar

Definition at line 77 of file calendar.h.

Referenced by calendar_write_exec().

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