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Data Fields
ast_party_caller Struct Reference

Caller Party information. More...

#include <channel.h>

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Data Fields

struct ast_party_id ani
 Automatic Number Identification (ANI) More...
int ani2
 Automatic Number Identification 2 (Info Digits) More...
struct ast_party_id id
 Caller party ID. More...
struct ast_party_id priv
 Private caller party ID. More...

Detailed Description

Caller Party information.

All string fields here are malloc'ed, so they need to be freed when the structure is deleted.
NULL and "" must be considered equivalent.
SIP and IAX2 has UTF8 encoded Unicode Caller ID names. In some cases, we also have an alternative (RPID) E.164 number that can be used as Caller ID on numeric E.164 phone networks (DAHDI or SIP/IAX2 to PSTN gateway).
Implement settings for transliteration between UTF8 Caller ID names in to ASCII Caller ID's (DAHDI). Östen Åsklund might be transliterated into Osten Asklund or Oesten Aasklund depending upon language and person... We need automatic routines for incoming calls and static settings for our own accounts.

Definition at line 418 of file channel.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ani

struct ast_party_id ani

◆ ani2

int ani2

◆ id

struct ast_party_id id

◆ priv

struct ast_party_id priv

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