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Data Fields
ast_sip_contact_status Struct Reference

A contact's status. More...

#include <res_pjsip.h>

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Data Fields

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr
struct ast_string_field_pool__field_mgr_pool
const ast_string_field aor
enum ast_sip_contact_status_type last_status
char name [0]
int64_t rtt
struct ast_sip_security_mechanism_vector security_mechanisms
enum ast_sip_contact_status_type status
const ast_string_field uri

Detailed Description

A contact's status.

Maintains a contact's current status and round trip time if available.

Definition at line 451 of file res_pjsip.h.

Field Documentation

◆ __field_mgr

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr

Definition at line 457 of file res_pjsip.h.

◆ __field_mgr_pool

struct ast_string_field_pool* __field_mgr_pool

The original contact's URI

The name of the aor this contact_status belongs to

Definition at line 457 of file res_pjsip.h.

◆ aor

const ast_string_field aor

◆ last_status

enum ast_sip_contact_status_type last_status

◆ name

char name[0]

◆ rtt

int64_t rtt

◆ security_mechanisms

struct ast_sip_security_mechanism_vector security_mechanisms

The security mechanism list of the contact (RFC 3329). Stores the values of Security-Server headers in 401/421/494 responses to an in-dialog request or successful outbound registration which will be used to set the Security-Verify headers of all subsequent requests to the contact.

Definition at line 466 of file res_pjsip.h.

Referenced by add_outgoing_request_headers(), add_security_headers(), contact_add_security_headers_to_status(), contact_has_security_mechanisms(), rfc3329_incoming_response(), sip_contact_status_alloc(), sip_contact_status_copy(), and sip_contact_status_dtor().

◆ status

◆ uri

const ast_string_field uri

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