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Data Fields
ast_party_name Struct Reference

Information needed to specify a name in a call. More...

#include <channel.h>

Data Fields

int char_set
 Character set the name is using. More...
int presentation
 Q.931 encoded presentation-indicator encoded field. More...
char * str
 Subscriber name (Malloced) More...
unsigned char valid
 TRUE if the name information is valid/present. More...

Detailed Description

Information needed to specify a name in a call.

All string fields here are malloc'ed, so they need to be freed when the structure is deleted.
NULL and "" must be considered equivalent.

Definition at line 262 of file channel.h.

Field Documentation

◆ char_set

int char_set

Character set the name is using.

See also
Set to AST_PARTY_CHAR_SET_ISO8859_1 if unsure what to use.
Start using the party name character set value. Not currently used.

Definition at line 272 of file channel.h.

Referenced by ast_party_name_copy(), ast_party_name_init(), ast_party_name_set(), ast_party_name_set_init(), and ast_redirecting_parse_data().

◆ presentation

int presentation

◆ str

char* str

◆ valid

unsigned char valid

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