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Data Fields
ast_vm_msg_snapshot Struct Reference

#include <app.h>

Data Fields

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr
struct ast_string_field_pool__field_mgr_pool
const ast_string_field callerchan
const ast_string_field callerid
const ast_string_field duration
const ast_string_field exten
const ast_string_field flag
const ast_string_field folder_name
struct {
   struct ast_vm_msg_snapshot *   next
const ast_string_field msg_id
unsigned int msg_number
const ast_string_field origdate
const ast_string_field origtime

Detailed Description

Definition at line 317 of file include/asterisk/app.h.

Field Documentation

◆ __field_mgr

struct ast_string_field_mgr __field_mgr

Definition at line 328 of file include/asterisk/app.h.

◆ __field_mgr_pool

struct ast_string_field_pool* __field_mgr_pool

Definition at line 328 of file include/asterisk/app.h.

◆ callerchan

const ast_string_field callerchan

◆ callerid

const ast_string_field callerid

◆ duration

const ast_string_field duration

◆ exten

const ast_string_field exten

◆ flag

◆ folder_name

const ast_string_field folder_name

◆ msg

struct { ... } msg

◆ msg_id

const ast_string_field msg_id

◆ msg_number

unsigned int msg_number

◆ next

struct ast_vm_msg_snapshot* next

Definition at line 331 of file include/asterisk/app.h.

◆ origdate

const ast_string_field origdate

◆ origtime

const ast_string_field origtime

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