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Data Structures



#define BIGOVERHEAD   (4*sizeof(u_int16_t))
#define FREESPACE(P)   ((P)[(P)[0]+1])
#define KEYSIZE(K)   (4*sizeof(u_int16_t) + (K)->size);
#define OFFSET(P)   ((P)[(P)[0]+2])
#define OVFLSIZE   (2*sizeof(u_int16_t))
#define PAGE_META(N)   (((N)+3) * sizeof(u_int16_t))
#define PAIRFITS(P, K, D)
#define PAIRSIZE(K, D)   (2*sizeof(u_int16_t) + (K)->size + (D)->size)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define BIGOVERHEAD   (4*sizeof(u_int16_t))

Definition at line 77 of file page.h.


#define FREESPACE (   P)    ((P)[(P)[0]+1])

Definition at line 80 of file page.h.


#define KEYSIZE (   K)    (4*sizeof(u_int16_t) + (K)->size);

Definition at line 78 of file page.h.


#define OFFSET (   P)    ((P)[(P)[0]+2])

Definition at line 81 of file page.h.


#define OVFLSIZE   (2*sizeof(u_int16_t))

Definition at line 79 of file page.h.


#define PAGE_META (   N)    (((N)+3) * sizeof(u_int16_t))

Definition at line 85 of file page.h.


#define PAIRFITS (   P,
(((P)[2] >= REAL_KEY) && \
#define REAL_KEY
Definition: hash.h:270
#define OVFLSIZE
Definition: page.h:79
#define PAIRSIZE(K, D)
Definition: page.h:76
#define FREESPACE(P)
Definition: page.h:80
#define P(protos)
Definition: proto.h:51

Definition at line 82 of file page.h.


#define PAIRSIZE (   K,
)    (2*sizeof(u_int16_t) + (K)->size + (D)->size)

Definition at line 76 of file page.h.