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main/stdtime/private.h File Reference
#include "sys/types.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "errno.h"
#include "string.h"
#include "limits.h"
#include "time.h"
#include "stdlib.h"
#include <sys/wait.h>
#include "unistd.h"
#include "stdint.h"
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#define _(msgid)   msgid
#define AVGSECSPERYEAR   31556952L
#define EXIT_FAILURE   1
#define EXIT_SUCCESS   0
#define FALSE   0
#define FILENAME_MAX   1024 /* Pure guesswork */
#define GNUC_or_lint
#define GRANDPARENTED   "Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page"
#define HAVE_ADJTIME   1
#define HAVE_GETTEXT   0
#define HAVE_STRERROR   1
#define HAVE_SYMLINK   1
#define HAVE_SYS_STAT_H   1
#define HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H   1
#define HAVE_UNISTD_H   1
#define HAVE_UTMPX_H   0
#define INITIALIZE(x)   ((x) = 0)
#define INT32_MAX   0x7fffffff
#define INT32_MIN   (-1 - INT32_MAX)
#define INT_STRLEN_MAXIMUM(type)
#define is_digit(c)   ((unsigned)(c) - '0' <= 9)
#define LOCALE_HOME   "/usr/lib/locale"
#define P(x)   x
#define remove   unlink
#define SECSPERREPEAT   ((int_fast64_t) YEARSPERREPEAT * (int_fast64_t) AVGSECSPERYEAR)
#define SECSPERREPEAT_BITS   34 /* ceil(log2(SECSPERREPEAT)) */
#define TRUE   1
#define TYPE_BIT(type)   (sizeof (type) * CHAR_BIT)
#define TYPE_INTEGRAL(type)   (((type) 0.5) != 0.5)
#define TYPE_SIGNED(type)   (((type) -1) < 0)
#define TZ_DOMAIN   "tz"
#define WEXITSTATUS(status)   (((status) >> 8) & 0xff)
#define WIFEXITED(status)   (((status) & 0xff) == 0)
#define YEARSPERREPEAT   400 /* years before a Gregorian repeat */


char *icatalloc P ((char *old, const char *new))
void icfree P ((char *pointer))
int unlink P ((const char *filename))
char *icpyalloc P ((const char *string))
const char *scheck P ((const char *string, const char *format))
char *imalloc P ((int n))
char *icalloc P ((int nelem, int elsize))
void *irealloc P ((void *pointer, int size))
Please use a compiler that supports a bit integer type (or wider)


int errno
you may need to compile with DHAVE_STDINT_H typedef long int_fast64_t
static char privatehid [] = "@(#)private.h 8.3"

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ _

#define _ (   msgid)    msgid

Definition at line 319 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define AVGSECSPERYEAR   31556952L

Definition at line 343 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define EXIT_FAILURE   1

Definition at line 188 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define EXIT_SUCCESS   0

Definition at line 180 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define FALSE   0

Definition at line 253 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define FILENAME_MAX   1024 /* Pure guesswork */

Definition at line 207 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

◆ GNUC_or_lint

#define GNUC_or_lint

Definition at line 295 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define GRANDPARENTED   "Local time zone must be set--see zic manual page"

Definition at line 28 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_ADJTIME   1

Definition at line 36 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_GETTEXT   0

Definition at line 40 of file main/stdtime/private.h.



Definition at line 44 of file main/stdtime/private.h.



Definition at line 48 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_STRERROR   1

Definition at line 52 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_SYMLINK   1

Definition at line 56 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_SYS_STAT_H   1

Definition at line 60 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H   1

Definition at line 64 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_UNISTD_H   1

Definition at line 68 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define HAVE_UTMPX_H   0

Definition at line 72 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define INITIALIZE (   x)    ((x) = 0)

Definition at line 302 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define INT32_MAX   0x7fffffff

Definition at line 157 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define INT32_MIN   (-1 - INT32_MAX)

Definition at line 160 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define INT_STRLEN_MAXIMUM (   type)
((TYPE_BIT(type) - TYPE_SIGNED(type)) * 302 / 1000 + \
Please use a compiler that supports a bit integer type(or wider)
#define TYPE_BIT(type)
#define TYPE_SIGNED(type)

Definition at line 280 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

◆ is_digit

#define is_digit (   c)    ((unsigned)(c) - '0' <= 9)

Definition at line 125 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define LOCALE_HOME   "/usr/lib/locale"

Definition at line 76 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

◆ P

#define P (   x)    x

Definition at line 172 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

◆ remove

#define remove   unlink

Definition at line 218 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define SECSPERREPEAT   ((int_fast64_t) YEARSPERREPEAT * (int_fast64_t) AVGSECSPERYEAR)

Definition at line 347 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define SECSPERREPEAT_BITS   34 /* ceil(log2(SECSPERREPEAT)) */

Definition at line 351 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define TRUE   1

Definition at line 249 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define TYPE_BIT (   type)    (sizeof (type) * CHAR_BIT)

Definition at line 257 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define TYPE_INTEGRAL (   type)    (((type) 0.5) != 0.5)

Definition at line 270 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define TYPE_SIGNED (   type)    (((type) -1) < 0)

Definition at line 261 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define TZ_DOMAIN   "tz"

Definition at line 324 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define WEXITSTATUS (   status)    (((status) >> 8) & 0xff)

Definition at line 108 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define WIFEXITED (   status)    (((status) & 0xff) == 0)

Definition at line 105 of file main/stdtime/private.h.


#define YEARSPERREPEAT   400 /* years before a Gregorian repeat */

Definition at line 335 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

Function Documentation

◆ P() [1/8]

char *icatalloc P ( (char *old, const char *new)  )

◆ P() [2/8]

void ifree P ( (char *pointer)  )

◆ P() [3/8]

int unlink P ( (const char *filename)  )

◆ P() [4/8]

char *icpyalloc P ( (const char *string )

◆ P() [5/8]

const char *scheck P ( (const char *string, const char *format)  )

◆ P() [6/8]

char *imalloc P ( (int n)  )

◆ P() [7/8]

char *icalloc P ( (int nelem, int elsize)  )

◆ P() [8/8]

void *irealloc P ( (void *pointer, int size)  )

◆ type()

Please use a compiler that supports a bit integer type ( or  wider)

Variable Documentation

◆ errno

int errno

Referenced by __adsi_transmit_messages(), __analog_ss_thread(), __ast_answer(), __ast_fd_set_flags(), __ast_file_read_dirs(), __ast_queue_frame(), __big_return(), __bt_delete(), __bt_fd(), __bt_get(), __bt_open(), __bt_put(), __bt_seq(), __bt_seqset(), __bt_sync(), __get_page(), __hash_open(), __put_page(), __quit_handler(), __rec_delete(), __rec_fd(), __rec_get(), __rec_open(), __rec_put(), __rec_search(), __rec_seq(), _child_handler(), _hup_handler(), access_counter_file(), acf_curl_write(), action_command(), action_createconfig(), add_email_attachment(), ael2_parse(), ael_yy_init_buffer(), ael_yylex_init(), ael_yylex_init_extra(), alloc_segs(), alloc_sub(), analog_call(), analog_handle_init_event(), analog_ss_thread(), app_exec(), append_vmu_info_astman(), ast_add_extension2(), ast_add_extension2_lockopt(), ast_aeap_connect(), ast_alertpipe_flush(), ast_alertpipe_init(), ast_alertpipe_read(), ast_alertpipe_write(), ast_ari_bridges_record(), ast_ari_callback(), 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ast_read_image(), ast_read_textfile(), ast_readfile(), ast_remotecontrol(), ast_rtcp_read(), ast_rtcp_write(), ast_rtp_dtmf_begin(), ast_rtp_dtmf_continuation(), ast_rtp_dtmf_end_with_duration(), ast_rtp_read(), ast_rtp_sendcng(), ast_safe_fork(), ast_safe_mkdir(), ast_safe_system(), ast_select(), ast_set_qos(), ast_srtp_protect(), ast_srtp_unprotect(), ast_str_to_imax(), ast_str_to_umax(), ast_streamfile(), ast_stun_request(), ast_tcptls_client_create(), ast_tcptls_client_start_timeout(), ast_tcptls_server_root(), ast_tcptls_server_start(), AST_TEST_DEFINE(), ast_tryconnect(), ast_udptl_new_with_bindaddr(), ast_udptl_read(), ast_udptl_write(), ast_unlock_path_lockfile(), ast_waitfor_nandfds(), ast_waitfordigit_full(), ast_writefile(), ast_yy_init_buffer(), ast_yylex_init(), ast_yylex_init_extra(), asterisk_daemon(), au_seek(), au_trunc(), auth_exec(), auth_http_callback(), bridge_p2p_rtp_write(), bucket_copy(), bucket_file_run_curl(), bump_gains(), careful_write(), 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dahdi_translate(), dahdi_write(), dahdi_write_frame(), dbopen(), default_listener_pvt_alloc(), default_listener_shutdown(), default_task_pushed(), default_tps_processing_function(), destroy_trans(), determine_starting_point(), dispatch_thread_handler(), display_last_error(), dns_naptr_alloc(), dns_srv_alloc(), do_message(), do_monitor(), do_monitor_headset(), do_monitor_phone(), do_sleep(), dundi_lookup_internal(), dundi_precache_internal(), dundi_xmit(), duplicate_pseudo(), eivr_comm(), fdprintf(), festival_exec(), file2format(), file_read(), file_write(), filehelper(), find_cache(), find_transcoders(), flash_exec(), flush_meta(), fxo_pvt(), g719read(), g719seek(), g719trunc(), g719write(), g723_read(), g723_trunc(), g723_write(), g726_read(), g726_seek(), g726_write(), g729_read(), g729_trunc(), g729_write(), gen_generate(), gen_nextfile(), generic_fax_exec(), generic_http_callback(), generic_read(), get_alarms(), get_input(), get_to_address(), gsm_read(), gsm_seek(), gsm_tell(), 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kqueue_timer_set_rate(), launch_asyncagi(), launch_netscript(), launch_script(), leave_voicemail(), listener(), load_config(), load_module(), local_ast_moh_start(), localized_config_text_file_save(), logger_print_normal(), logger_queue_init(), logger_queue_restart(), lookup_iface(), lua_read_extensions_file(), main(), make_logchannel(), manager_action(), manager_dialplan_extension_add(), manager_login(), mbl_read(), milliwatt_generate(), mkintf(), moh_files_generator(), moh_generate(), mohalloc(), monmp3thread(), mp3_squeue(), mpool_get(), mpool_open(), msg_create_from_file(), mwi_send_process_buffer(), mwi_send_process_event(), mwi_thread(), my_all_subchannels_hungup(), my_dahdi_write(), my_distinctive_ring(), my_get_callerid(), my_handle_dtmf(), my_is_off_hook(), my_set_cadence(), netconsole(), network_thread(), nroot(), ogg_vorbis_rewrite(), parseargs(), pbx_load_config(), pcm_read(), pcm_seek(), pcm_trunc(), pcm_write(), pjsip_logger_write_to_pcap(), process_dahdi(), process_description_file(), pthread_timer_open(), pthread_timer_set_rate(), pw_cb(), queue_file(), read_full(), read_some(), readmimefile(), reload_config(), reload_queue_members(), reset_conf(), restore_conference(), restore_gains(), retrieve_cert_from_url(), revert_fax_buffers(), rfcomm_connect(), rfcomm_write_full(), rtp_allocate_transport(), rtp_raw_write(), rtp_transport_wide_cc_feedback_produce(), rtp_write_rtcp_fir(), rtp_write_rtcp_psfb(), run_agi(), safe_append(), safe_exec_prep(), safe_exec_wait(), safe_mkdir(), save_conference(), scan_service(), scan_thread(), sco_bind(), sco_connect(), sco_write(), sdp_register(), send_callerid(), send_packet(), send_signal(), sendmail(), session_do(), set_actual_rxgain(), set_actual_txgain(), set_config(), set_if(), set_loop(), set_ttl(), set_ulimit(), setup_filestack(), signal_pipe(), siren14read(), siren14seek(), siren14trunc(), siren14write(), siren7read(), siren7seek(), siren7trunc(), siren7write(), slinear_seek(), slinear_trunc(), slinear_write(), smdi_load(), smdi_toggle_mwi(), sms_generate(), sms_log(), socket_connect(), socket_read(), spawn_mp3(), spy_generate(), start_rtp(), stasis_app_control_record(), stasis_app_stored_recording_find_by_name(), stun_monitor_request(), system_exec_helper(), test_nanosleep(), test_vm_api_create_voicemail_files(), timed_read(), timerfd_timer_ack(), timerfd_timer_open(), timing_test(), to_number(), transmit_trunk(), transport_tls_file_handler(), try_firmware(), try_load_key(), unistimsock_read(), unsignal_pipe(), vm_check_password_shell(), vox_read(), vox_seek(), vox_trunc(), vox_write(), wait_for_output(), wait_for_signal_or_hangup(), wait_result(), waitstream_core(), wav_close(), wav_read(), wav_seek(), wav_trunc(), wav_write(), websocket_client_handshake_get_response(), websocket_read(), write_amap(), write_history(), write_stream(), writefile(), and ws_safe_read().

◆ int_fast64_t

you may need to compile with DHAVE_STDINT_H typedef long int_fast64_t

Definition at line 152 of file main/stdtime/private.h.

Referenced by ast_get_dst_info(), detzcode64(), and localsub().

◆ privatehid

char privatehid[] = "@(#)private.h 8.3"

Definition at line 24 of file main/stdtime/private.h.