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musiconhold.h File Reference

Music on hold handling. More...

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void ast_install_music_functions (int(*start_ptr)(struct ast_channel *, const char *, const char *), void(*stop_ptr)(struct ast_channel *), void(*cleanup_ptr)(struct ast_channel *))
void ast_moh_cleanup (struct ast_channel *chan)
int ast_moh_start (struct ast_channel *chan, const char *mclass, const char *interpclass)
 Turn on music on hold on a given channel. More...
void ast_moh_stop (struct ast_channel *chan)
 Turn off music on hold on a given channel. More...
void ast_uninstall_music_functions (void)

Detailed Description

Music on hold handling.

Definition in file musiconhold.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ast_install_music_functions()

void ast_install_music_functions ( int(*)(struct ast_channel *, const char *, const char *)  start_ptr,
void(*)(struct ast_channel *)  stop_ptr,
void(*)(struct ast_channel *)  cleanup_ptr 

Definition at line 7750 of file channel.c.

7754 ast_moh_start_ptr = start_ptr;
7755 ast_moh_stop_ptr = stop_ptr;
7756 ast_moh_cleanup_ptr = cleanup_ptr;
static void(* ast_moh_cleanup_ptr)(struct ast_channel *)
Definition: channel.c:7748
static void(* ast_moh_stop_ptr)(struct ast_channel *)
Definition: channel.c:7747
static int(* ast_moh_start_ptr)(struct ast_channel *, const char *, const char *)
Definition: channel.c:7746

References ast_moh_cleanup_ptr, ast_moh_start_ptr, and ast_moh_stop_ptr.

Referenced by load_module(), and reload().

◆ ast_moh_cleanup()

void ast_moh_cleanup ( struct ast_channel chan)

Definition at line 7782 of file channel.c.

7785 ast_moh_cleanup_ptr(chan);

References ast_moh_cleanup_ptr.

Referenced by ast_channel_destructor().

◆ ast_moh_start()

int ast_moh_start ( struct ast_channel chan,
const char *  mclass,
const char *  interpclass 

Turn on music on hold on a given channel.

chanThe channel structure that will get music on hold
mclassThe class to use if the musicclass is not currently set on the channel structure. NULL and the empty string are equivalent.
interpclassThe class to use if the musicclass is not currently set on the channel structure or in the mclass argument. NULL and the empty string are equivalent.
Return values
Zeroon success
non-zeroon failure

Definition at line 7766 of file channel.c.

7769 return ast_moh_start_ptr(chan, mclass, interpclass);
7771 ast_verb(3, "Music class %s requested but no musiconhold loaded.\n", mclass ? mclass : (interpclass ? interpclass : "default"));
7773 return -1;
#define ast_verb(level,...)

References ast_moh_start_ptr, and ast_verb.

Referenced by app_control_moh_start(), app_exec(), ast_ari_bridges_start_moh(), ast_bridge_channel_playfile(), ast_unreal_indicate(), chan_pjsip_indicate(), channel_do_masquerade(), conf_moh_start(), conf_moh_unsuspend(), conf_start_moh(), console_indicate(), dahdi_indicate(), dial_exec_full(), handle_setmusic(), iax2_indicate(), jingle_indicate(), limits_interval_playback(), moh_handle_digit(), monitor_dial(), ooh323_indicate(), participant_entertainment_start(), play_moh_exec(), queue_exec(), retrydial_exec(), rna(), say_periodic_announcement(), say_position(), start_moh_exec(), and unistim_indicate().

◆ ast_moh_stop()

void ast_moh_stop ( struct ast_channel chan)

◆ ast_uninstall_music_functions()

void ast_uninstall_music_functions ( void  )

Definition at line 7759 of file channel.c.

#define NULL
Definition: resample.c:96

References ast_moh_cleanup_ptr, ast_moh_start_ptr, ast_moh_stop_ptr, and NULL.

Referenced by unload_module().