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main/features_config.h File Reference

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int load_features_config (void)
int reload_features_config (void)
void unload_features_config (void)

Function Documentation

◆ load_features_config()

int load_features_config ( void  )

Definition at line 1996 of file features_config.c.

References __ast_custom_function_register(), ARRAY_LEN, ast_cli_register_multiple, load_config(), and NULL.

Referenced by load_module().

1997 {
1998  int res;
2000  res = load_config();
2005  return res;
2006 }
#define ARRAY_LEN(a)
Definition: isdn_lib.c:42
#define ast_cli_register_multiple(e, len)
Register multiple commands.
Definition: cli.h:265
#define NULL
Definition: resample.c:96
static struct ast_cli_entry cli_features_config[]
static int load_config(void)
static struct ast_custom_function feature_function
static struct ast_custom_function featuremap_function
int __ast_custom_function_register(struct ast_custom_function *acf, struct ast_module *mod)
Register a custom function.

◆ reload_features_config()

int reload_features_config ( void  )

Definition at line 1985 of file features_config.c.

References aco_process_config(), ACO_PROCESS_ERROR, and parking_warning.

Referenced by load_module().

1986 {
1987  /* Rearm the parking config options have moved warning. */
1988  parking_warning = 0;
1990  if (aco_process_config(&cfg_info, 1) == ACO_PROCESS_ERROR) {
1991  return -1;
1992  }
1993  return 0;
1994 }
enum aco_process_status aco_process_config(struct aco_info *info, int reload)
Process a config info via the options registered with an aco_info.
Their was an error and no changes were applied.
static int parking_warning

◆ unload_features_config()

void unload_features_config ( void  )

Definition at line 1976 of file features_config.c.

References aco_info_destroy(), ao2_global_obj_release, ARRAY_LEN, ast_cli_unregister_multiple(), ast_custom_function_unregister(), and globals.

Referenced by unload_module().

1977 {
1981  aco_info_destroy(&cfg_info);
1983 }
#define ARRAY_LEN(a)
Definition: isdn_lib.c:42
int ast_cli_unregister_multiple(struct ast_cli_entry *e, int len)
Unregister multiple commands.
Definition: clicompat.c:30
int ast_custom_function_unregister(struct ast_custom_function *acf)
Unregister a custom function.
static struct console_pvt globals
static struct ast_cli_entry cli_features_config[]
void aco_info_destroy(struct aco_info *info)
Destroy an initialized aco_info struct.
#define ao2_global_obj_release(holder)
Definition: astobj2.h:865
static struct ast_custom_function feature_function
static struct ast_custom_function featuremap_function