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directory  stdtime


file  abstract_jb.c [code]
 Common implementation-independent jitterbuffer stuff.
file  acl.c [code]
 Various sorts of access control.
file  adsi.c [code]
 ADSI Support (built upon Caller*ID)
file  alaw.c [code]
 a-Law to Signed linear conversion
file  alertpipe.c [code]
 Alert Pipe API.
file  aoc.c [code]
 generic AOC payload generation encoding and decoding
file  main/app.c [code]
 Convenient Application Routines.
file  ast_expr2.c [code]
file  ast_expr2.h [code]
file  ast_expr2f.c [code]
 Dialplan Expression Lexical Scanner.
file  asterisk.c [code]
 Top level source file for Asterisk - the Open Source PBX. Implementation of PBX core functions and CLI interface.
file  astfd.c [code]
 Debugging routines for file descriptor leaks.
file  astmm.c [code]
 Memory Management.
file  astobj2.c [code]
 Functions implementing astobj2 objects.
file  astobj2_container.c [code]
 Functions implementing astobj2 objects.
file  astobj2_container_private.h [code]
 Common, private definitions for astobj2 containers.
file  astobj2_global.c [code]
 Functions implementing ao2_global_obj routines.
file  astobj2_hash.c [code]
 Hash table functions implementing astobj2 containers.
file  astobj2_private.h [code]
 Common, private definitions for astobj2.
file  astobj2_rbtree.c [code]
 RBTree functions implementing astobj2 containers.
file  audiohook.c [code]
 Audiohooks Architecture.
file  autochan.c [code]
 "smart" channels
file  autoservice.c [code]
 Automatic channel service routines.
file  backtrace.c [code]
 Asterisk backtrace generation.
file  bridge.c [code]
 Bridging API.
file  bridge_after.c [code]
 After Bridge Execution API.
file  bridge_basic.c [code]
 Basic bridge class. It is a subclass of struct ast_bridge.
file  bridge_channel.c [code]
 Bridging Channel API.
file  bridge_roles.c [code]
 Channel Bridging Roles API.
file  bucket.c [code]
 Bucket File API.
file  buildinfo.c [code]
 Build timestamp variables.
file  callerid.c [code]
 CallerID Generation support.
file  ccss.c [code]
 Call Completion Supplementary Services implementation.
file  cdr.c [code]
 Call Detail Record API.
file  cel.c [code]
 Channel Event Logging API.
file  channel.c [code]
 Channel Management.
file  channel_internal_api.c [code]
 Channel Accessor API.
file  chanvars.c [code]
 Channel Variables.
file  main/cli.c [code]
 Standard Command Line Interface.
file  codec.c [code]
 Codecs API.
file  codec_builtin.c [code]
 Built-in supported codecs.
file  main/config.c [code]
 Configuration File Parser.
file  config_options.c [code]
 Configuration Option-handling.
file  conversions.c [code]
 Conversion utility functions.
file  core_local.c [code]
 Local proxy channel driver.
file  core_unreal.c [code]
 Unreal channel derivatives framework for channel drivers like local channels.
file  crypt.c [code]
 Asterisk wrapper for crypt(3)
file  cygload.c [code]
 Loader for Asterisk under Cygwin/windows. Open the dll, locate main, run.
file  data_buffer.c [code]
 Data Buffer API.
file  datastore.c [code]
 Asterisk datastore objects.
file  main/db.c [code]
 ASTdb Management.
file  devicestate.c [code]
 Device state management.
file  dial.c [code]
 Dialing API.
file  dns.c [code]
 DNS Support for Asterisk.
file  dns_core.c [code]
 Core DNS Functionality.
file  dns_naptr.c [code]
 DNS NAPTR Record Support.
file  dns_query_set.c [code]
 DNS Query Set API.
file  dns_recurring.c [code]
 DNS Recurring Query Support.
file  dns_srv.c [code]
 DNS SRV Record Support.
file  dns_system_resolver.c [code]
 The default DNS resolver for Asterisk.
file  dns_test.c [code]
file  dns_tlsa.c [code]
 DNS TLSA Record Support.
file  dns_txt.c [code]
 DNS TXT Record Parsing API.
file  dnsmgr.c [code]
 Background DNS update manager.
file  dsp.c [code]
 Convenience Signal Processing routines.
file  ecdisa.h [code]
file  main/endpoints.c [code]
 Asterisk endpoint API.
file  enum.c [code]
 ENUM Support for Asterisk.
file  event.c [code]
 Internal generic event system.
file  features.c [code]
 Routines implementing call features as call pickup, parking and transfer.
file  features_config.c [code]
file  main/features_config.h [code]
file  file.c [code]
 Generic File Format Support.
file  fixedjitterbuf.c [code]
 Jitterbuffering algorithm.
file  fixedjitterbuf.h [code]
 Jitterbuffering algorithm.
file  format.c [code]
 Media Format API.
file  format_cache.c [code]
 Media Format Cache API.
file  format_cap.c [code]
 Format Capabilities API.
file  main/format_compatibility.c [code]
 Media Format Bitfield Compatibility API.
file  main/frame.c [code]
 Frame and codec manipulation routines.
file  framehook.c [code]
 FrameHooks Architecture.
file  fskmodem.c [code]
 FSK Modem Support.
file  fskmodem_float.c [code]
 FSK Modulator/Demodulator.
file  fskmodem_int.c [code]
 FSK Modulator/Demodulator.
file  global_datastores.c [code]
 globally-accessible datastore information and callbacks
file  hashtab.c [code]
 code to implement generic hash tables
file  heap.c [code]
 Max Heap data structure.
file  http.c [code]
 http server for AMI access
file  image.c [code]
 Image Management.
file  indications.c [code]
 Indication Tone Handling.
file  io.c [code]
 I/O Management (Derived from Cheops-NG)
file  iostream.c [code]
file  jitterbuf.c [code]
 jitterbuf: an application-independent jitterbuffer
file  json.c [code]
 JSON abstraction layer.
file  libasteriskpj.c [code]
 Loader stub for static pjproject libraries.
file  libasteriskssl.c [code]
 Common OpenSSL support code.
file  loader.c [code]
 Module Loader.
file  lock.c [code]
 General Asterisk locking.
file  logger.c [code]
 Asterisk Logger.
file  logger_category.c [code]
file  manager.c [code]
 The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI.
file  manager_bridges.c [code]
 The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (bridge event handling)
file  manager_channels.c [code]
 The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (channel event handling)
file  manager_endpoints.c [code]
 The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (endpoint handling)
file  manager_mwi.c [code]
 The Asterisk Management Interface - AMI (MWI event handling)
file  manager_system.c [code]
 System AMI event handling.
file  max_forwards.c [code]
file  md5.c [code]
 MD5 checksum routines used for authentication. Not covered by GPL, but in the public domain as per the copyright below.
file  media_cache.c [code]
 An in-memory media cache.
file  media_index.c [code]
 Sound file format and description indexer.
file  main/message.c [code]
 Out-of-call text message support.
file  mixmonitor.c [code]
 loadable MixMonitor functionality
file  mwi.c [code]
file  named_acl.c [code]
 Named Access Control Lists.
file  named_locks.c [code]
 Named Locks.
file  netsock2.c [code]
 Network socket handling.
file  optional_api.c [code]
file  options.c [code]
 Symbols related to asterisk.conf options and paths.
file  parking.c [code]
 Parking Core.
file  pbx.c [code]
 Core PBX routines.
file  pbx_app.c [code]
 Custom function management routines.
file  pbx_builtins.c [code]
 Core PBX builtin routines.
file  pbx_functions.c [code]
 Custom function management routines.
file  pbx_hangup_handler.c [code]
 PBX Hangup Handler management routines.
file  pbx_ignorepat.c [code]
 Dialplan context ignorepat routines.
file  pbx_include.c [code]
 Dialplan context include routines.
file  pbx_private.h [code]
 Private include file for pbx.
file  pbx_sw.c [code]
 Dialplan switch routines.
file  pbx_switch.c [code]
 PBX switch routines.
file  pbx_timing.c [code]
 PBX timing routines.
file  pbx_variables.c [code]
 PBX variables routines.
file  pickup.c [code]
 Routines implementing call pickup.
file  plc.c [code]
 SpanDSP - a series of DSP components for telephony.
file  poll.c [code]
file  presencestate.c [code]
 Presence state management.
file  privacy.c [code]
 Privacy Routines.
file  refer.c [code]
 Out-of-call refer support.
file  rtp_engine.c [code]
 Pluggable RTP Architecture.
file  say.c [code]
 Say numbers and dates (maybe words one day too)
file  sched.c [code]
 Scheduler Routines (from cheops-NG)
file  sdp_srtp.c [code]
 SRTP and SDP Security descriptions.
file  main/security_events.c [code]
 Security Event Reporting Helpers.
file  sem.c [code]
 Asterisk semaphore support.
file  serializer.c [code]
file  sha1.c [code]
 Based on the RFC 6234.
file  sip_api.c [code]
file  slinfactory.c [code]
 A machine to gather up arbitrary frames and convert them to raw slinear on demand.
file  smoother.c [code]
 Frame smoother manipulation routines.
file  sorcery.c [code]
 Sorcery Data Access Layer API.
file  sounds.c [code]
 Sound file format and description index.
file  srv.c [code]
 DNS SRV Record Lookup Support for Asterisk.
file  stasis.c [code]
 Stasis Message Bus API.
file  stasis_bridges.c [code]
 Stasis Messages and Data Types for Bridge Objects.
file  stasis_cache.c [code]
 Stasis Message API.
file  stasis_cache_pattern.c [code]
 Typical cache pattern for Stasis topics.
file  stasis_channels.c [code]
 Stasis Messages and Data Types for Channel Objects.
file  stasis_endpoints.c [code]
 Stasis endpoint API.
file  stasis_message.c [code]
 Stasis Message API.
file  stasis_message_router.c [code]
 Stasis message router implementation.
file  stasis_state.c [code]
file  stasis_system.c [code]
 Stasis Messages and Data Types for System events.
file  strcompat.c [code]
 Compatibility functions for strsep and strtoq missing on Solaris.
file  stream.c [code]
 Media Stream API.
file  stringfields.c [code]
 String fields.
file  strings.c [code]
 String manipulation API.
file  stun.c [code]
 STUN Support.
file  syslog.c [code]
 Asterisk Syslog Utility Functions.
file  taskprocessor.c [code]
 Maintain a container of uniquely-named taskprocessor threads that can be shared across modules.
file  tcptls.c [code]
 Code to support TCP and TLS server/client.
file  tdd.c [code]
 TTY/TDD Generation support.
file  term.c [code]
 Terminal Routines.
file  test.c [code]
 Unit Test Framework.
file  threadpool.c [code]
file  threadstorage.c [code]
 Debugging support for thread-local-storage objects.
file  time.c [code]
 Date/Time utility functions.
file  timing.c [code]
 Timing source management.
file  translate.c [code]
 Translate via the use of pseudo channels.
file  udptl.c [code]
 UDPTL support for T.38 faxing.
file  ulaw.c [code]
 u-Law to Signed linear conversion
file  uri.c [code]
file  utf8.c [code]
 UTF-8 information and validation functions.
file  utils.c [code]
 Utility functions.
file  uuid.c [code]
 Universally unique identifier support.
file  xml.c [code]
 XML abstraction layer.
file  xmldoc.c [code]
 XML Documentation API.