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cli.h File Reference

Standard Command Line Interface. More...

#include "asterisk/linkedlists.h"
#include "asterisk/strings.h"
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Data Structures

struct  ast_cli_args
struct  ast_cli_entry
 descriptor for a cli entry. More...


#define ast_cli_command(fd, s)   ast_cli_command_full(CLI_NO_PERMS, CLI_NO_PERMS, fd, s)
#define ast_cli_command_multiple(fd, size, s)   ast_cli_command_multiple_full(CLI_NO_PERMS, CLI_NO_PERMS, fd, size, s)
#define AST_CLI_DEFINE(fn, txt, ...)   { .handler = fn, .summary = txt, ## __VA_ARGS__ }
#define AST_CLI_ONOFF(x)   (x) ? "On" : "Off"
 return On or Off depending on the argument. This is used in many places in CLI command, having a function to generate this helps maintaining a consistent output (and possibly emitting the output in other languages, at some point). More...
#define ast_cli_register(e)   __ast_cli_register(e, AST_MODULE_SELF)
 Registers a command or an array of commands. More...
#define ast_cli_register_multiple(e, len)    __ast_cli_register_multiple(e, len, AST_MODULE_SELF)
 Register multiple commands. More...
#define AST_CLI_YESNO(x)   AST_YESNO(x)
 Return Yes or No depending on the argument. More...
#define AST_MAX_ARGS   64
#define AST_MAX_CMD_LEN   16
#define CLI_NO_PERMS   -1
#define ESS(x)   ((x) == 1 ? "" : "s")
#define RESULT_FAILURE   2
#define RESULT_SUCCESS   0


enum  ast_cli_command { CLI_INIT = -2 , CLI_GENERATE = -3 , CLI_HANDLER = -4 }
 calling arguments for new-style handlers. More...


int __ast_cli_register (struct ast_cli_entry *e, struct ast_module *mod)
int __ast_cli_register_multiple (struct ast_cli_entry *e, int len, struct ast_module *mod)
void ast_cli (int fd, const char *fmt,...)
int ast_cli_allow_at_shutdown (struct ast_cli_entry *e)
 Allow a CLI command to be executed while Asterisk is shutting down. More...
int ast_cli_command_full (int uid, int gid, int fd, const char *s)
 Interprets a command Interpret a command s, sending output to fd if uid:gid has permissions to run this command. uid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking user permissions gid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking group permissions. More...
int ast_cli_command_multiple_full (int uid, int gid, int fd, size_t size, const char *s)
 Executes multiple CLI commands Interpret strings separated by NULL and execute each one, sending output to fd if uid has permissions, uid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking users permissions. gid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking group permissions. More...
char * ast_cli_complete (const char *word, const char *const choices[], int pos)
int ast_cli_completion_add (char *value)
 Add a result to a request for completion options. More...
char ** ast_cli_completion_matches (const char *, const char *)
 Generates a NULL-terminated array of strings that 1) begin with the string in the second parameter, and 2) are valid in a command after the string in the first parameter. More...
struct ast_vector_stringast_cli_completion_vector (const char *text, const char *word)
 Generates a vector of strings for CLI completion. More...
char * ast_cli_generator (const char *, const char *, int)
 Readline madness Useful for readline, that's about it. More...
void ast_cli_print_timestr_fromseconds (int fd, int seconds, const char *prefix)
 Print on cli a duration in seconds in format s year(s), s week(s), s day(s), s hour(s), s second(s) More...
int ast_cli_unregister (struct ast_cli_entry *e)
 Unregisters a command or an array of commands. More...
int ast_cli_unregister_multiple (struct ast_cli_entry *e, int len)
 Unregister multiple commands. More...
char * ast_complete_channels (const char *line, const char *word, int pos, int state, int rpos)
 Command completion for the list of active channels. More...

Detailed Description

Standard Command Line Interface.

Definition in file cli.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ ast_cli_command

#define ast_cli_command (   fd,
)    ast_cli_command_full(CLI_NO_PERMS, CLI_NO_PERMS, fd, s)

Definition at line 232 of file cli.h.

◆ ast_cli_command_multiple

#define ast_cli_command_multiple (   fd,
)    ast_cli_command_multiple_full(CLI_NO_PERMS, CLI_NO_PERMS, fd, size, s)

Definition at line 248 of file cli.h.



Definition at line 52 of file cli.h.


#define AST_CLI_DEFINE (   fn,
)    { .handler = fn, .summary = txt, ## __VA_ARGS__ }

Definition at line 197 of file cli.h.


#define AST_CLI_ONOFF (   x)    (x) ? "On" : "Off"

return On or Off depending on the argument. This is used in many places in CLI command, having a function to generate this helps maintaining a consistent output (and possibly emitting the output in other languages, at some point).

Definition at line 78 of file cli.h.

◆ ast_cli_register

#define ast_cli_register (   e)    __ast_cli_register(e, AST_MODULE_SELF)

Registers a command or an array of commands.

ewhich cli entry to register. Register your own command
Return values
0on success
-1on failure

Definition at line 256 of file cli.h.

◆ ast_cli_register_multiple

#define ast_cli_register_multiple (   e,
)     __ast_cli_register_multiple(e, len, AST_MODULE_SELF)

Register multiple commands.

epointer to first cli entry to register
lennumber of entries to register

Definition at line 265 of file cli.h.


#define AST_CLI_YESNO (   x)    AST_YESNO(x)

Return Yes or No depending on the argument.

Note that this should probably still be used for CLI commands instead of AST_YESNO(), in the off chance we someday want to translate the CLI.

xBoolean value
"Yes" if x is true (non-zero)
"No" if x is false (zero)

Definition at line 71 of file cli.h.


#define AST_MAX_ARGS   64

Definition at line 50 of file cli.h.


#define AST_MAX_CMD_LEN   16

Definition at line 48 of file cli.h.



Definition at line 46 of file cli.h.


#define CLI_NO_PERMS   -1

Definition at line 38 of file cli.h.



Definition at line 45 of file cli.h.



Definition at line 44 of file cli.h.


#define ESS (   x)    ((x) == 1 ? "" : "s")

In many cases we need to print singular or plural words depending on a count. This macro helps us e.g. printf("we have %d object%s", n, ESS(n));

Definition at line 59 of file cli.h.


#define RESULT_FAILURE   2

Definition at line 42 of file cli.h.



Definition at line 41 of file cli.h.


#define RESULT_SUCCESS   0

Definition at line 40 of file cli.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ast_cli_command

calling arguments for new-style handlers.


Definition at line 151 of file cli.h.

151  {
152  CLI_INIT = -2, /* return the usage string */
153  CLI_GENERATE = -3, /* behave as 'generator', remap argv to struct ast_cli_args */
154  CLI_HANDLER = -4, /* run the normal handler */
155 };
Definition: cli.h:154
Definition: cli.h:152
Definition: cli.h:153

Function Documentation

◆ __ast_cli_register()

int __ast_cli_register ( struct ast_cli_entry e,
struct ast_module mod 

Definition at line 2454 of file main/cli.c.

2455 {
2456  struct ast_cli_entry *cur;
2457  int i, lf, ret = -1;
2459  struct ast_cli_args a; /* fake argument */
2460  char **dst = (char **)e->cmda; /* need to cast as the entry is readonly */
2461  char *s;
2465  if (cli_is_registered(e)) {
2466  ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Command '%s' already registered (the same ast_cli_entry)\n",
2467  S_OR(e->_full_cmd, e->command));
2468  ret = 0; /* report success */
2469  goto done;
2470  }
2472  memset(&a, '\0', sizeof(a));
2474  e->module = module;
2475  /* No module reference needed here, the module called us. */
2476  e->handler(e, CLI_INIT, &a);
2478  /* XXX check that usage and command are filled up */
2479  s = ast_skip_blanks(e->command);
2480  s = e->command = ast_strdup(s);
2481  for (i=0; !ast_strlen_zero(s) && i < AST_MAX_CMD_LEN-1; i++) {
2482  *dst++ = s; /* store string */
2483  s = ast_skip_nonblanks(s);
2484  if (*s == '\0') /* we are done */
2485  break;
2486  *s++ = '\0';
2487  s = ast_skip_blanks(s);
2488  }
2489  *dst++ = NULL;
2491  if (find_cli(e->cmda, 1)) {
2492  ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Command '%s' already registered (or something close enough)\n",
2493  S_OR(e->_full_cmd, e->command));
2494  goto done;
2495  }
2496  if (set_full_cmd(e)) {
2497  ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Error registering CLI Command '%s'\n",
2498  S_OR(e->_full_cmd, e->command));
2499  goto done;
2500  }
2502  lf = e->cmdlen;
2504  int len = cur->cmdlen;
2505  if (lf < len)
2506  len = lf;
2507  if (strncasecmp(e->_full_cmd, cur->_full_cmd, len) < 0) {
2509  break;
2510  }
2511  }
2514  if (!cur)
2515  AST_RWLIST_INSERT_TAIL(&helpers, e, list);
2516  ret = 0; /* success */
2518 done:
2520  if (ret) {
2521  ast_free(e->command);
2522  e->command = NULL;
2523  }
2525  return ret;
2526 }
#define ast_free(a)
Definition: astmm.h:180
#define ast_strdup(str)
A wrapper for strdup()
Definition: astmm.h:241
#define ast_log
Definition: astobj2.c:42
Definition: cli.h:48
static int len(struct ast_channel *chan, const char *cmd, char *data, char *buf, size_t buflen)
Definition: linkedlists.h:545
#define AST_RWLIST_WRLOCK(head)
Write locks a list.
Definition: linkedlists.h:52
#define AST_RWLIST_UNLOCK(head)
Attempts to unlock a read/write based list.
Definition: linkedlists.h:151
Definition: linkedlists.h:617
Definition: linkedlists.h:741
Definition: linkedlists.h:610
static int set_full_cmd(struct ast_cli_entry *e)
Definition: main/cli.c:2080
static int cli_is_registered(struct ast_cli_entry *e)
Definition: main/cli.c:2412
static struct ast_cli_entry * find_cli(const char *const cmds[], int match_type)
Definition: main/cli.c:2350
#define NULL
Definition: resample.c:96
char * ast_skip_nonblanks(const char *str)
Gets a pointer to first whitespace character in a string.
Definition: strings.h:204
#define S_OR(a, b)
returns the equivalent of logic or for strings: first one if not empty, otherwise second one.
Definition: strings.h:80
static force_inline int attribute_pure ast_strlen_zero(const char *s)
Definition: strings.h:65
char * ast_skip_blanks(const char *str)
Gets a pointer to the first non-whitespace character in a string.
Definition: strings.h:161
descriptor for a cli entry.
Definition: cli.h:171
char *(* handler)(struct ast_cli_entry *e, int cmd, struct ast_cli_args *a)
Definition: cli.h:187
int cmdlen
Definition: cli.h:182
struct ast_module * module
Definition: cli.h:180
char * _full_cmd
Definition: cli.h:181
const char *const cmda[AST_MAX_CMD_LEN]
Definition: cli.h:172
char * command
Definition: cli.h:186
int done
Definition: test_amihooks.c:48
static struct test_val a

References ast_cli_entry::_full_cmd, a, ast_free, ast_log, AST_MAX_CMD_LEN, AST_RWLIST_INSERT_BEFORE_CURRENT, AST_RWLIST_INSERT_TAIL, AST_RWLIST_TRAVERSE_SAFE_BEGIN, AST_RWLIST_TRAVERSE_SAFE_END, AST_RWLIST_UNLOCK, AST_RWLIST_WRLOCK, ast_skip_blanks(), ast_skip_nonblanks(), ast_strdup, ast_strlen_zero(), CLI_INIT, cli_is_registered(), ast_cli_entry::cmda, ast_cli_entry::cmdlen, ast_cli_entry::command, done, find_cli(), ast_cli_entry::handler, len(), LOG_WARNING, ast_cli_entry::module, NULL, S_OR, and set_full_cmd().

Referenced by __ast_cli_register_multiple().

◆ __ast_cli_register_multiple()

int __ast_cli_register_multiple ( struct ast_cli_entry e,
int  len,
struct ast_module mod 

Definition at line 2531 of file main/cli.c.

2532 {
2533  int i, res = 0;
2535  for (i = 0; i < len; i++) {
2536  res |= __ast_cli_register(e + i, module);
2537  }
2539  return res;
2540 }
int __ast_cli_register(struct ast_cli_entry *e, struct ast_module *module)
Definition: main/cli.c:2454

References __ast_cli_register(), and len().

◆ ast_cli()

void ast_cli ( int  fd,
const char *  fmt,

Definition at line 6 of file clicompat.c.

7 {
8 }

References ast_carefulwrite(), ast_cli_buf, AST_CLI_INITLEN, AST_DYNSTR_BUILD_FAILED, ast_str_buffer(), ast_str_set_va(), ast_str_strlen(), ast_str_thread_get(), and buf.

Referenced by __iax2_show_peers(), __say_cli_init(), _iax2_show_peers_one(), _sip_qualify_peer(), _sip_show_peer(), _sip_show_peers(), _sip_show_peers_one(), _skinny_show_device(), _skinny_show_devices(), _skinny_show_line(), _skinny_show_lines(), _stun_show_status(), aeap_cli_show(), agent_handle_logoff_cmd(), agent_handle_show_specific(), agent_show_requested(), alias_show(), aoc_cli_debug_enable(), ari_mkpasswd(), ari_set_debug(), ari_show(), ari_show_apps(), ari_show_user(), ari_show_users(), ast_acl_output(), ast_cel_str_to_event_type(), ast_cli_command_full(), ast_cli_netstats(), ast_console_toggle_mute(), ast_ha_output(), ast_pbx_hangup_handler_headers(), ast_pbx_hangup_handler_show(), ast_sip_cli_traverse_objects(), bridge_show_specific_print_channel(), cc_cli_output_status(), cc_cli_print_monitor_stats(), channel_set_debug(), cli_console_answer(), cli_console_autoanswer(), cli_console_dial(), cli_console_flash(), cli_console_hangup(), cli_console_mute(), cli_console_sendtext(), cli_display_named_acl(), cli_display_named_acl_list(), cli_display_parking_global(), cli_display_parking_lot(), cli_display_parking_lot_list(), cli_fax_set_debug(), cli_fax_show_capabilities(), cli_fax_show_session(), cli_fax_show_sessions(), cli_fax_show_settings(), cli_fax_show_stats(), cli_fax_show_version(), cli_list_available(), cli_list_devices(), cli_list_subscriptions_detail(), cli_match_char_tree(), cli_mute_unmute_helper(), cli_notify(), cli_odbc_read(), cli_qualify(), cli_realtime_load(), cli_realtime_store(), cli_realtime_update(), cli_realtime_update2(), cli_register(), cli_reload_qualify_aor(), cli_reload_qualify_endpoint(), cli_show_channel(), cli_show_channels(), cli_show_endpoint_identifiers(), cli_show_module_options(), cli_show_module_type(), cli_show_module_types(), cli_show_modules(), cli_show_qualify_aor(), cli_show_qualify_endpoint(), cli_show_subscription_common(), cli_show_subscriptions_detail(), cli_show_subscriptions_inout(), cli_subsystem_alert_report(), cli_tps_ping(), cli_tps_report(), cli_tps_reset_stats(), cli_tps_reset_stats_all(), cli_unregister(), complete_ari_app(), complete_ari_user(), console_answer(), console_autoanswer(), console_dial(), console_hangup(), console_sendtext(), corosync_show_members(), dahdi_create_channels(), dahdi_destroy_channels(), dahdi_set_hwgain(), dahdi_set_swgain(), dahdi_show_channel(), dahdi_show_channels(), dahdi_show_status(), dahdi_show_version(), dialog_dump_func(), display_entry_list(), display_parked_call(), display_parking_lot(), display_results(), display_single_entry(), do_print(), dump_str_and_free(), dundi_do_lookup(), dundi_do_precache(), dundi_do_query(), dundi_flush(), dundi_set_debug(), dundi_show_cache(), dundi_show_entityid(), dundi_show_mappings(), dundi_show_peer(), dundi_show_peers(), dundi_show_precache(), dundi_show_requests(), dundi_show_trans(), dundi_store_history(), firmware_show_callback(), gen_events(), group_show_channels(), handle_bridge_kick_channel(), handle_bridge_show_all(), handle_bridge_show_specific(), handle_bridge_technology_show(), handle_cdr_pgsql_status(), handle_chanlist(), handle_cli_agi_add_cmd(), handle_cli_agi_debug(), handle_cli_agi_dump_html(), handle_cli_agi_show(), handle_cli_check_permissions(), handle_cli_confbridge_kick(), handle_cli_confbridge_list(), handle_cli_confbridge_list_item(), handle_cli_confbridge_lock(), handle_cli_confbridge_show_bridge_profile(), handle_cli_confbridge_show_bridge_profiles(), handle_cli_confbridge_show_menus(), handle_cli_confbridge_show_user_profile(), handle_cli_confbridge_show_user_profiles(), handle_cli_confbridge_start_record(), handle_cli_confbridge_unlock(), handle_cli_core_show_channeltypes(), handle_cli_core_show_config_mappings(), handle_cli_core_show_file_formats(), handle_cli_database_del(), handle_cli_database_deltree(), handle_cli_database_get(), handle_cli_database_put(), handle_cli_database_show(), handle_cli_database_showkey(), 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handle_show_chanvar(), handle_show_dialplan(), handle_show_function(), handle_show_functions(), handle_show_globals(), handle_show_hangup_channel(), handle_show_hint(), handle_show_hints(), handle_show_http(), handle_show_profile(), handle_show_routes(), handle_show_settings(), handle_show_switches(), handle_show_sysinfo(), handle_show_threads(), handle_show_translation_path(), handle_show_translation_table(), handle_showcalls(), handle_showchan(), handle_showmanager(), handle_showmanagers(), handle_showmancmd(), handle_showmancmds(), handle_showmanconn(), handle_showmaneventq(), handle_skel_show_config(), handle_skel_show_games(), handle_skel_show_levels(), handle_skinny_show_settings(), handle_softhangup(), handle_stop_when_convenient(), handle_unload(), handle_version(), handle_voicemail_show_aliases(), handle_voicemail_show_users(), handle_voicemail_show_zones(), help1(), help_workhorse(), log_forwarder(), media_cache_handle_delete_item(), media_cache_handle_refresh_item(), 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sip_do_debug_ip(), sip_do_debug_peer(), sip_prune_realtime(), sip_set_history(), sip_show_channel(), sip_show_channels(), sip_show_channelstats(), sip_show_domains(), sip_show_history(), sip_show_inuse(), sip_show_mwi(), sip_show_objects(), sip_show_registry(), sip_show_sched(), sip_show_settings(), sip_show_tcp(), sip_show_user(), sip_show_users(), sip_unregister(), sla_show_trunks(), sorcery_memory_cache_dump(), sorcery_memory_cache_expire(), sorcery_memory_cache_print_object(), sorcery_memory_cache_show(), sorcery_memory_cache_stale(), spandsp_fax_cli_show_capabilities(), spandsp_fax_cli_show_session(), spandsp_fax_cli_show_stats(), stasis_app_to_cli(), stasis_show_topics(), status_debug_verbose(), stir_shaken_cli_show(), tps_report_taskprocessor_list_helper(), unistim_do_debug(), unistim_show_devices(), unistim_show_info(), unistim_sp(), xmpp_cli_create_collection(), xmpp_cli_create_leafnode(), xmpp_cli_delete_pubsub_node(), xmpp_cli_list_pubsub_nodes(), xmpp_cli_purge_pubsub_nodes(), xmpp_do_set_debug(), and xmpp_show_clients().

◆ ast_cli_allow_at_shutdown()

int ast_cli_allow_at_shutdown ( struct ast_cli_entry e)

Allow a CLI command to be executed while Asterisk is shutting down.

CLI commands by defeault are disabled when Asterisk is shutting down. This is to ensure the safety of the shutdown since CLI commands may attempt to access resources that have been freed as a result of the shutdown.

If a CLI command should be allowed at shutdown, then the best way to enable this is to call ast_cli_allow_at_shutdown during the CLI_INIT state of the CLI handler.

Definition at line 3060 of file main/cli.c.

3061 {
3062  int res;
3068  return res;
3069 }
#define ast_rwlock_wrlock(a)
Definition: lock.h:234
#define ast_rwlock_unlock(a)
Definition: lock.h:232
static ast_rwlock_t shutdown_commands_lock
Definition: main/cli.c:112
static struct @362 shutdown_commands
#define AST_VECTOR_APPEND(vec, elem)
Append an element to a vector, growing the vector if needed.
Definition: vector.h:256

References ast_rwlock_unlock, ast_rwlock_wrlock, AST_VECTOR_APPEND, shutdown_commands, and shutdown_commands_lock.

Referenced by handle_abort_shutdown(), handle_restart_gracefully(), handle_restart_now(), handle_restart_when_convenient(), handle_stop_gracefully(), handle_stop_now(), and handle_stop_when_convenient().

◆ ast_cli_command_full()

int ast_cli_command_full ( int  uid,
int  gid,
int  fd,
const char *  s 

Interprets a command Interpret a command s, sending output to fd if uid:gid has permissions to run this command. uid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking user permissions gid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking group permissions.

uidUser ID that is trying to run the command.
gidGroup ID that is trying to run the command.
sincoming string
Return values
0on success
-1on failure

Definition at line 2973 of file main/cli.c.

2974 {
2975  const char *args[AST_MAX_ARGS + 1];
2976  struct ast_cli_entry *e = NULL;
2977  int x;
2978  char *duplicate = parse_args(s, &x, args + 1, AST_MAX_ARGS, NULL);
2979  char tmp[AST_MAX_ARGS + 1];
2980  char *retval = CLI_FAILURE;
2981  struct ast_cli_args a = {
2982  .fd = fd, .argc = x, .argv = args+1 };
2984  if (duplicate == NULL)
2985  return RESULT_FAILURE;
2987  if (x < 1) /* We need at least one entry, otherwise ignore */
2988  goto done;
2991  e = find_cli(args + 1, 0);
2992  if (e)
2995  if (e == NULL) {
2996  ast_cli(fd, "No such command '%s' (type 'core show help %s' for other possible commands)\n", s, find_best(args + 1));
2997  goto done;
2998  }
3000  if (ast_shutting_down() && !allowed_on_shutdown(e)) {
3001  ast_cli(fd, "Command '%s' cannot be run during shutdown\n", s);
3002  goto done;
3003  }
3005  ast_join(tmp, sizeof(tmp), args + 1);
3006  /* Check if the user has rights to run this command. */
3007  if (!cli_has_permissions(uid, gid, tmp)) {
3008  ast_cli(fd, "You don't have permissions to run '%s' command\n", tmp);
3009  goto done;
3010  }
3012  /*
3013  * Within the handler, argv[-1] contains a pointer to the ast_cli_entry.
3014  * Remember that the array returned by parse_args is NULL-terminated.
3015  */
3016  args[0] = (char *)e;
3018  /* If the command is in a module it must be running. */
3019  if (!e->module || ast_module_running_ref(e->module)) {
3020  retval = e->handler(e, CLI_HANDLER, &a);
3022  }
3024  if (retval == CLI_SHOWUSAGE) {
3025  ast_cli(fd, "%s", S_OR(e->usage, "Invalid usage, but no usage information available.\n"));
3026  } else if (retval == CLI_FAILURE) {
3027  ast_cli(fd, "Command '%s' failed.\n", s);
3028  }
3030 done:
3031  if (e) {
3032  ast_atomic_fetchadd_int(&e->inuse, -1);
3033  }
3034  ast_free(duplicate);
3036 }
int ast_shutting_down(void)
Definition: asterisk.c:1870
static int tmp()
Definition: bt_open.c:389
Definition: cli.h:45
Definition: cli.h:44
#define AST_MAX_ARGS
Definition: cli.h:50
Definition: cli.h:40
Definition: cli.h:46
Definition: cli.h:42
static ENTRY retval
Definition: hsearch.c:50
#define AST_RWLIST_RDLOCK(head)
Read locks a list.
Definition: linkedlists.h:78
int ast_atomic_fetchadd_int(volatile int *p, int v)
Atomically add v to *p and return the previous value of *p.
Definition: lock.h:755
void ast_cli(int fd, const char *fmt,...)
Definition: main/cli.c:118
static int allowed_on_shutdown(struct ast_cli_entry *e)
Definition: main/cli.c:2956
static int cli_has_permissions(int uid, int gid, const char *command)
Definition: main/cli.c:183
static char * find_best(const char *argv[])
Definition: main/cli.c:2394
static char * parse_args(const char *s, int *argc, const char *argv[], int max, int *trailingwhitespace)
Definition: main/cli.c:2632
#define ast_module_unref(mod)
Release a reference to the module.
Definition: module.h:469
#define ast_module_running_ref(mod)
Hold a reference to the module if it is running.
Definition: module.h:455
#define ast_join(s, len, w)
Join an array of strings into a single string.
Definition: strings.h:501
const int fd
Definition: cli.h:159
int inuse
Definition: cli.h:179
const char * usage
Definition: cli.h:177
const char * args

References a, allowed_on_shutdown(), args, ast_atomic_fetchadd_int(), ast_cli(), ast_free, ast_join, AST_MAX_ARGS, ast_module_running_ref, ast_module_unref, AST_RWLIST_RDLOCK, AST_RWLIST_UNLOCK, ast_shutting_down(), CLI_FAILURE, CLI_HANDLER, cli_has_permissions(), CLI_SHOWUSAGE, CLI_SUCCESS, done, ast_cli_args::fd, find_best(), find_cli(), ast_cli_entry::handler, ast_cli_entry::inuse, ast_cli_entry::module, NULL, parse_args(), RESULT_FAILURE, RESULT_SUCCESS, retval, S_OR, tmp(), and ast_cli_entry::usage.

Referenced by ast_cli_command_multiple_full().

◆ ast_cli_command_multiple_full()

int ast_cli_command_multiple_full ( int  uid,
int  gid,
int  fd,
size_t  size,
const char *  s 

Executes multiple CLI commands Interpret strings separated by NULL and execute each one, sending output to fd if uid has permissions, uid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking users permissions. gid = CLI_NO_PERMS to avoid checking group permissions.

uidUser ID that is trying to run the command.
gidGroup ID that is trying to run the command.
sizeis the total size of the string
sincoming string
number of commands executed

Definition at line 3038 of file main/cli.c.

3039 {
3040  char cmd[512];
3041  int x, y = 0, count = 0;
3043  for (x = 0; x < size; x++) {
3044  cmd[y] = s[x];
3045  y++;
3046  if (s[x] == '\0') {
3047  ast_cli_command_full(uid, gid, fd, cmd);
3048  y = 0;
3049  count++;
3050  }
3051  }
3052  return count;
3053 }
int ast_cli_command_full(int uid, int gid, int fd, const char *s)
Interprets a command Interpret a command s, sending output to fd if uid:gid has permissions to run th...
Definition: main/cli.c:2973

References ast_cli_command_full(), and ast_cli_args::fd.

Referenced by netconsole().

◆ ast_cli_complete()

char* ast_cli_complete ( const char *  word,
const char *const  choices[],
int  pos 

Helper function to generate cli entries from a NULL-terminated array. Returns the n-th matching entry from the array, or NULL if not found. Can be used to implement generate() for static entries as below (in this example we complete the word in position 2):

char *my_generate(const char *line, const char *word, int pos, int n)
static const char * const choices[] = { "one", "two", "three", NULL };
if (pos == 2)
return ast_cli_complete(word, choices, n);
return NULL;
char * ast_cli_complete(const char *word, const char *const choices[], int pos)
Definition: main/cli.c:1843
short word

Definition at line 1843 of file main/cli.c.

1844 {
1845  int i, which = 0, len;
1846  len = ast_strlen_zero(word) ? 0 : strlen(word);
1848  for (i = 0; choices[i]; i++) {
1849  if ((!len || !strncasecmp(word, choices[i], len)) && ++which > state) {
1850  if (state != -1) {
1851  return ast_strdup(choices[i]);
1852  }
1854  if (ast_cli_completion_add(ast_strdup(choices[i]))) {
1855  return NULL;
1856  }
1857  }
1858  }
1859  return NULL;
1860 }
int ast_cli_completion_add(char *value)
Add a result to a request for completion options.
Definition: main/cli.c:2760

References ast_cli_completion_add(), ast_strdup, ast_strlen_zero(), len(), and NULL.

Referenced by cli_odbc_read(), complete_skinny_reset(), complete_skinny_show_line(), handle_bridge_kick_channel(), handle_cli_iax2_prune_realtime(), handle_core_set_debug_channel(), handle_orig(), handle_showcalls(), handle_softhangup(), sip_prune_realtime(), sip_qualify_peer(), sip_show_peer(), sip_show_user(), and sorcery_memory_cache_stale().

◆ ast_cli_completion_add()

int ast_cli_completion_add ( char *  value)

Add a result to a request for completion options.

valueA completion option text.
Return values

This is an alternative to returning individual values from CLI_GENERATE. Instead of repeatedly being asked for the next match and having to start over, you can call this function repeatedly from your own stateful loop. When all matches have been added you can return NULL from the CLI_GENERATE function.

This function always eventually results in calling ast_free on value.

Definition at line 2760 of file main/cli.c.

2761 {
2762  return cli_completion_vector_add(ast_threadstorage_get_ptr(&completion_storage), value);
2763 }
static int cli_completion_vector_add(struct ast_vector_string *vec, char *value)
Definition: main/cli.c:2739
int value
Definition: syslog.c:37
void * ast_threadstorage_get_ptr(struct ast_threadstorage *ts)
Retrieve a raw pointer from threadstorage.

References ast_threadstorage_get_ptr(), cli_completion_vector_add(), and value.

Referenced by aeap_tab_complete_name(), ast_cli_complete(), ast_complete_applications(), ast_complete_channels(), category_complete(), cli_complete_endpoint(), cli_complete_show(), cli_complete_uri(), complete_bridge_live_search(), complete_bridge_participant(), complete_bridge_technology(), complete_channeltypes(), complete_config_module(), complete_config_option(), complete_config_type(), complete_core_id(), complete_country(), complete_indications(), complete_show_sorcery_object(), complete_trans_path_choice(), handle_cli_config_reload(), handle_debug_category(), handle_showmanager(), handle_showmancmd(), module_load_helper_on_file(), stir_shaken_tab_complete_name(), topic_complete_name(), and tps_taskprocessor_tab_complete().

◆ ast_cli_completion_matches()

char** ast_cli_completion_matches ( const char *  text,
const char *  word 

Generates a NULL-terminated array of strings that 1) begin with the string in the second parameter, and 2) are valid in a command after the string in the first parameter.

The first entry (offset 0) of the result is the longest common substring in the results, useful to extend the string that has been completed. Subsequent entries are all possible values, followed by a NULL. All strings and the array itself are malloc'ed and must be freed by the caller.

This function cannot be called recursively so it will always fail if called from a CLI_GENERATE callback.

Definition at line 2704 of file main/cli.c.

2705 {
2707  char **match_list;
2709  if (!vec) {
2710  return NULL;
2711  }
2713  if (AST_VECTOR_APPEND(vec, NULL)) {
2714  /* We failed to NULL terminate the elements */
2718  return NULL;
2719  }
2721  match_list = AST_VECTOR_STEAL_ELEMENTS(vec);
2724  return match_list;
2725 }
char * text
Definition: app_queue.c:1641
struct ast_vector_string * ast_cli_completion_vector(const char *text, const char *word)
Generates a vector of strings for CLI completion.
Definition: main/cli.c:2765
String vector definitions.
Definition: vector.h:55
Steal the elements from a vector and reinitialize.
Definition: vector.h:140
#define AST_VECTOR_PTR_FREE(vec)
Deallocates this vector pointer.
Definition: vector.h:189
#define AST_VECTOR_CALLBACK_VOID(vec, callback,...)
Execute a callback on every element in a vector disregarding callback return.
Definition: vector.h:862

References ast_cli_completion_vector(), ast_free, AST_VECTOR_APPEND, AST_VECTOR_CALLBACK_VOID, AST_VECTOR_PTR_FREE, AST_VECTOR_STEAL_ELEMENTS, NULL, and text.

Referenced by handle_commandmatchesarray().

◆ ast_cli_completion_vector()

struct ast_vector_string* ast_cli_completion_vector ( const char *  text,
const char *  word 

Generates a vector of strings for CLI completion.

textComplete input being matched.
wordCurrent word being matched

The results contain strings that both: 1) Begin with the string in word. 2) Are valid in a command after the string in text.

The first entry (offset 0) of the result is the longest common substring in the results, useful to extend the string that has been completed. Subsequent entries are all possible values.

All strings and the vector itself are malloc'ed and must be freed by the caller.
The vector is sorted and does not contain any duplicates.
This function cannot be called recursively so it will always fail if called from a CLI_GENERATE callback.

Definition at line 2765 of file main/cli.c.

2766 {
2767  char *retstr, *prevstr;
2768  size_t max_equal;
2769  size_t which = 0;
2770  struct ast_vector_string *vec = ast_calloc(1, sizeof(*vec));
2772  /* Recursion into this function is a coding error. */
2773  ast_assert(!ast_threadstorage_get_ptr(&completion_storage));
2775  if (!vec) {
2776  return NULL;
2777  }
2779  if (ast_threadstorage_set_ptr(&completion_storage, vec)) {
2780  ast_log(LOG_ERROR, "Failed to initialize threadstorage for completion.\n");
2781  ast_free(vec);
2783  return NULL;
2784  }
2786  while ((retstr = ast_cli_generator(text, word, which)) != NULL) {
2787  if (cli_completion_vector_add(vec, retstr)) {
2788  ast_threadstorage_set_ptr(&completion_storage, NULL);
2790  goto vector_cleanup;
2791  }
2793  ++which;
2794  }
2796  ast_threadstorage_set_ptr(&completion_storage, NULL);
2798  if (!AST_VECTOR_SIZE(vec)) {
2801  return NULL;
2802  }
2804  prevstr = AST_VECTOR_GET(vec, 0);
2805  max_equal = strlen(prevstr);
2806  which = 1;
2808  /* Find the longest substring that is common to all results
2809  * (it is a candidate for completion), and store a copy in entry 0.
2810  */
2811  while (which < AST_VECTOR_SIZE(vec)) {
2812  size_t i = 0;
2814  retstr = AST_VECTOR_GET(vec, which);
2815  /* Check for and remove duplicate strings. */
2816  if (!strcasecmp(prevstr, retstr)) {
2817  AST_VECTOR_REMOVE(vec, which, 1);
2818  ast_free(retstr);
2820  continue;
2821  }
2823  while (i < max_equal && toupper(prevstr[i]) == toupper(retstr[i])) {
2824  i++;
2825  }
2827  max_equal = i;
2828  prevstr = retstr;
2829  ++which;
2830  }
2832  /* Insert longest match to position 0. */
2833  retstr = ast_strndup(AST_VECTOR_GET(vec, 0), max_equal);
2834  if (!retstr || AST_VECTOR_INSERT_AT(vec, 0, retstr)) {
2835  ast_free(retstr);
2837  goto vector_cleanup;
2838  }
2840  return vec;
2842 vector_cleanup:
2846  return NULL;
2847 }
#define ast_strndup(str, len)
A wrapper for strndup()
Definition: astmm.h:256
#define ast_calloc(num, len)
A wrapper for calloc()
Definition: astmm.h:202
#define LOG_ERROR
char * ast_cli_generator(const char *text, const char *word, int state)
Readline madness Useful for readline, that's about it.
Definition: main/cli.c:2951
int ast_threadstorage_set_ptr(struct ast_threadstorage *ts, void *ptr)
Set a raw pointer from threadstorage.
#define ast_assert(a)
Definition: utils.h:734
#define AST_VECTOR_SIZE(vec)
Get the number of elements in a vector.
Definition: vector.h:609
#define AST_VECTOR_INSERT_AT(vec, idx, elem)
Insert an element at a specific position in a vector, growing the vector if needed.
Definition: vector.h:338
#define AST_VECTOR_REMOVE(vec, idx, preserve_ordered)
Remove an element from a vector by index.
Definition: vector.h:412
#define AST_VECTOR_GET(vec, idx)
Get an element from a vector.
Definition: vector.h:680

References ast_assert, ast_calloc, ast_cli_generator(), ast_free, ast_log, ast_strndup, ast_threadstorage_get_ptr(), ast_threadstorage_set_ptr(), AST_VECTOR_CALLBACK_VOID, AST_VECTOR_GET, AST_VECTOR_INSERT_AT, AST_VECTOR_PTR_FREE, AST_VECTOR_REMOVE, AST_VECTOR_SIZE, cli_completion_vector_add(), LOG_ERROR, NULL, and text.

Referenced by ast_cli_completion_matches(), AST_TEST_DEFINE(), and cli_complete().

◆ ast_cli_generator()

char* ast_cli_generator ( const char *  text,
const char *  word,
int  state 

Readline madness Useful for readline, that's about it.

Return values
0on success
-1on failure

Only call this function to proxy the CLI generator to another.

Definition at line 2951 of file main/cli.c.

2952 {
2953  return __ast_cli_generator(text, word, state, 1);
2954 }
static char * __ast_cli_generator(const char *text, const char *word, int state, int lock)
Definition: main/cli.c:2863

References __ast_cli_generator(), and text.

Referenced by ast_cli_completion_vector(), cli_alias_passthrough(), and handle_cli_check_permissions().

◆ ast_cli_print_timestr_fromseconds()

void ast_cli_print_timestr_fromseconds ( int  fd,
int  seconds,
const char *  prefix 

Print on cli a duration in seconds in format s year(s), s week(s), s day(s), s hour(s), s second(s)

fdfd to print by ast_cli
secondsThe time (in seconds) to print
prefixA Prefix string to add before of duration formatted

Definition at line 3055 of file main/cli.c.

3056 {
3057  print_uptimestr(fd, ast_tv(seconds, 0), prefix, 0);
3058 }
static char prefix[MAX_PREFIX]
Definition: http.c:144
static void print_uptimestr(int fd, struct timeval timeval, const char *prefix, int printsec)
Definition: main/cli.c:908
struct timeval ast_tv(ast_time_t sec, ast_suseconds_t usec)
Returns a timeval from sec, usec.
Definition: time.h:233

References ast_tv(), ast_cli_args::fd, prefix, and print_uptimestr().

Referenced by handle_cdr_pgsql_status().

◆ ast_cli_unregister()

int ast_cli_unregister ( struct ast_cli_entry e)

Unregisters a command or an array of commands.

ewhich cli entry to unregister Unregister your own command. You must pass a completed ast_cli_entry structure

Definition at line 2431 of file main/cli.c.

2432 {
2433  if (e->inuse) {
2434  ast_log(LOG_WARNING, "Can't remove command that is in use\n");
2435  } else {
2437  AST_RWLIST_REMOVE(&helpers, e, list);
2440  ast_free(e->_full_cmd);
2441  e->_full_cmd = NULL;
2442  if (e->handler) {
2443  /* this is a new-style entry. Reset fields and free memory. */
2444  char *cmda = (char *) e->cmda;
2445  memset(cmda, '\0', sizeof(e->cmda));
2446  ast_free(e->command);
2447  e->command = NULL;
2448  e->usage = NULL;
2449  }
2450  }
2451  return 0;
2452 }
Definition: linkedlists.h:885
static void remove_shutdown_command(struct ast_cli_entry *e)
Definition: main/cli.c:2424

References ast_cli_entry::_full_cmd, ast_free, ast_log, AST_RWLIST_REMOVE, AST_RWLIST_UNLOCK, AST_RWLIST_WRLOCK, ast_cli_entry::cmda, ast_cli_entry::command, ast_cli_entry::handler, ast_cli_entry::inuse, ast_cli_entry::list, LOG_WARNING, NULL, remove_shutdown_command(), and ast_cli_entry::usage.

Referenced by aco_deinit(), alias_unregister_cb(), ast_cli_unregister_multiple(), unload_module(), and xmldoc_unload_documentation().

◆ ast_cli_unregister_multiple()

int ast_cli_unregister_multiple ( struct ast_cli_entry e,
int  len 

◆ ast_complete_channels()

char* ast_complete_channels ( const char *  line,
const char *  word,
int  pos,
int  state,
int  rpos 

Command completion for the list of active channels.

This can be called from a CLI command completion function that wants to complete from the list of active channels. 'rpos' is the required position in the command. This function will return NULL immediately if 'rpos' is not the same as the current position, 'pos'.

Definition at line 1862 of file main/cli.c.

1863 {
1864  int wordlen = strlen(word), which = 0;
1865  struct ao2_container *cached_channels;
1866  char *ret = NULL;
1867  struct ao2_iterator iter;
1868  struct ast_channel_snapshot *snapshot;
1870  if (pos != rpos) {
1871  return NULL;
1872  }
1874  cached_channels = ast_channel_cache_all();
1876  iter = ao2_iterator_init(cached_channels, 0);
1877  for (; (snapshot = ao2_iterator_next(&iter)); ao2_ref(snapshot, -1)) {
1878  if (!strncasecmp(word, snapshot->base->name, wordlen) && (++which > state)) {
1879  if (state != -1) {
1880  ret = ast_strdup(snapshot->base->name);
1881  ao2_ref(snapshot, -1);
1882  break;
1883  }
1885  if (ast_cli_completion_add(ast_strdup(snapshot->base->name))) {
1886  ao2_ref(snapshot, -1);
1887  break;
1888  }
1889  }
1890  }
1891  ao2_iterator_destroy(&iter);
1892  ao2_ref(cached_channels, -1);
1894  return ret;
1895 }
#define ao2_iterator_next(iter)
Definition: astobj2.h:1911
struct ao2_iterator ao2_iterator_init(struct ao2_container *c, int flags) attribute_warn_unused_result
Create an iterator for a container.
#define ao2_ref(o, delta)
Reference/unreference an object and return the old refcount.
Definition: astobj2.h:459
void ao2_iterator_destroy(struct ao2_iterator *iter)
Destroy a container iterator.
enum sip_cc_notify_state state
Definition: chan_sip.c:966
struct ao2_container * ast_channel_cache_all(void)
Generic container type.
When we need to walk through a container, we use an ao2_iterator to keep track of the current positio...
Definition: astobj2.h:1821
const ast_string_field name
Structure representing a snapshot of channel state.
struct ast_channel_snapshot_base * base

References ao2_iterator_destroy(), ao2_iterator_init(), ao2_iterator_next, ao2_ref, ast_channel_cache_all(), ast_cli_completion_add(), ast_strdup, ast_channel_snapshot::base, ast_channel_snapshot_base::name, NULL, and state.

Referenced by handle_cli_agi_add_cmd(), handle_cli_mixmonitor(), handle_core_set_debug_channel(), handle_redirect(), handle_remb_set(), handle_set_chanvar(), handle_show_chanvar(), handle_show_hangup_channel(), handle_showchan(), and handle_softhangup().